Thursday, May 15, 2014

splicious : facebook :: protunity : linkedin

People don't really know what's gone into the development of A year before we launched the splicious crowd funding campaign we launched This was a test case to drive out the technology. One way to understand the relationships of these networks is via those old SAT-style analogies:

splicious : facebook :: protunity : linkedin 

The underlying technology (barring lots of improvement between when we launched Protunity and now) is the same . Therefore, the splicious campaign is not like other campaigns where what they have is a vision, but no actual solution. We have a solution that's already at a certain level of maturity.

We wanted to wait to bring this offering to market until we had at least that level of maturity. Additionally, we wanted to have an economic model that made sense, one that grows a self-sustaining network, free of ads and free of other corporate sponsorship. That's where the emerging cryptocurrency movement suddenly came into play. With BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies we can provide a distributed network that is self-sustaining.

Really, if you look at the numbers, in terms of capital investment, and person-years, as well as technological innovation, we've provided 99.999% of the solution. We're looking to see if there's enough interest for people to help us with 0.001%. That's what we need to roll out the splicious network.

We're confident that with even that level of engagement we can grow the network to a global alternative to the existing social messaging platforms. One that balances privacy and trust, one that values creativity and engagement, one that puts you back in charge of what you see of your Internet-communications, and who sees what you share.

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