Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Imagine all the people...

Humans are social. We have a built-in urge to share observations, insights, thoughts and feelings. We have a need to feel received. The social media with their ubiquity, easy access, and ease of use meet this need relatively well. The simple feedback mechanism, clicking a “like” or “+1” button can be a powerful expression of sentiment and connection.

But, are you concerned about who can see communications meant for your friends, family, or colleagues, from your email to your FB posts?
Are you concerned that your creative output and personally identifiable information are bought and sold by social media companies, advertisers, and whoever else they sell it on to?
Is your feed overrun with ads and TMI that you can’t organize? Or worse, organized by someone else’s algorithm?

Imagine a world where social media served you. Period.

What if the online outlets for your creativity, your music, political commentary, stories, recipes and designs were also outlets for earning money?
What if they could allow you to support yourself and your friends, monetarily?
What if they could make it easy for you to play a more active role in deciding what you see and when, and who sees what you share?

Splicious is a social communications platform designed from the ground up to solve these problems.

Splicious helps you

We’re not coming to you with just a vision or a bright idea. Other teams have underestimated just how hard this problem is. The Splicious team has worked for 4.5 years to bring you this offering. We know it can be prettier. We know it can be easier to use on mobile platforms like cell phones. We know there are a million ways it can be improved. That’s all a part of rolling out the network for your use. And we would love to do that work. 

We just need to know if the world we imagine is the world you want. That’s why we’re asking for your help to fund this phase of the project. Here’s Mike Stay to tell you how we plan to roll out the network and how you can help us.


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